Tim is an excellent pistol and defense consultant. He went over home security, pistol handling and carrying points, and legal strategies for proper self-defense. Additionally, he is very thorough and his knowledge for explaining specific things to avoid as well as going over examples of how to handle the different what-ifs that can occur in life and handgun defense. I highly recommend Tim to anyone desiring a defensive firearm consultant !!!!!

Murat D.

.Financial Advisor

Sterne Agee Financial Services Inc.

     Timothy von Eiff was our instructor for the Handgun Wear & Carry License 8-Hour Re-certification Course and the DFC handgun Course. He taught all three of our family members who hold carry permits due to our employment.

     Tim was an engaging and a great instructor. He made the time go by quickly and we learned a lot of useful information. He gave us sound advice on the range and helped us all improve our styles. Tim was funny and knowledgeable and was a real find for helping us to comply with this part of the new gun law permit requirements.

     I highly recommend Tim as an instructor for these classes.

Lynn F. B.

ATI Performance Products

     I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have been trained by Tim von Eiff. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a consummate professional. After the training, I felt extremely comfortable with the skill set he provided me. In addition, even after the formal training, I have had the opportunity to ask his advice and recommendations and he has always been quick to respond. I would/will use him again for any additional training needs and I highly recommend him to friends.

Herbie M.

Reviews & References

     Being new to pistol shooting, my wife and I wanted to improve our skills and DFC and Tim von Eiff were recommended to us. We had a two hour session with Tim which was very thorough and involved personal instruction on stance, grip, sighting, trigger control managing recoil and much more. Safe handgun management was always stressed and practical skills were well presented. Firing practice on the range with Tim reinforced what we had learned in the classroom and left us feeling very positive about being able to correct our mistakes and improve our accuracy. We would definitely  recommend Defensive Firearms Consultants for high quality firearms training for beginning as well as experienced shooters.


I am in the process of obtaining my HQL and I thought I would use Thumbtack to hire someone. I loved working with Timothy. He was enthusiastic, funny and very informative.. The facility was clean, the people who work there were friendly and most importantly I felt safe.

Simone H.

  Defensive Firearms Consultants, Inc.

     Tim was a fantastic instructor with a vast knowledge on the subject of firearms and carrying. His training was thorough, fun, and well suited to the subject. Tim was also available for questions and advice after the fact to help with the permitting process. I highly recommend taking his classes if you are looking for any firearm instruction.


     We had the pleasure of meeting Tim von Eiff a little over two years ago when my husband and I applied for our concealed carry permits. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant and reluctant to take the class as I knew little about firearms and didn't have much experience handling or shooting guns. I was definitely not looking forward to the 16 hours of class time required to submit the application for the concealed carry permit. However, we were both pleasantly surprised when we met Tim. He set my mind at ease, took his time explaining the information and answered all of our questions.  The 16 hours of class time flew by and I was actually disappointed that class time was over.

     Fast forward to two years later and it was time to renew our concealed carry permits. I contacted Tim to see when we could meet for the 8 hours of class time required for the renewal. He got back to me the same exact day and we got in for our class 2 days later. Even though we had only spent 16 hours with Tim, it was like we were meeting with an old friend. Tim has a great personality and presents the material in an exciting  and interesting manner. Since our initial class, Tim had several new teaching aids that greatly improved my accuracy. We would highly recommend Tim to anyone that's even remotely interested in taking a gun class, applying for their concealed carry permit or just to improve their shooting skills.

Jessica and Terry M.

I took the Basic Handgun Course, ( Handgun Qualification License), and I enjoyed it very much. I found the Instructor to be very personable and willing to answer the multitude of questions I had. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in obtaining the HQL.


Attorney,. Columbia, MD

     I was fortunate to take Tim's class in preparation for the Maryland Wear & Carry license application. I found Tim to be very knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. I highly recommend Tim for all your firearms training needs.

Dave R..

Consultant and Private Detective

     I contacted DFC to guide me through the Maryland Concealed Carry Permit classes and application process. The class was excellent and informative. Tim's depth of knowledge of all aspects of firearms and the law is astounding. His guidance was excellent. I have continued to work with Tim to refine my shooting skills. I consider the expense to be money well spent.

Blazer C.


Catzen Forensic

     This was our second CP class with Tim, and as usual the instruction he provides goes way beyond just the bare minimum state required curriculum. We wondered if the re-cert class would be a repeat of the same information, but we learned just as much as our original class. We look forward to seeing him the next time. Top notch firearms instruction from someone who strives to generate educated and responsible firearms handlers, who are more than just accurate. You can tell firearms are not part of Tim's job; they are his passion.


     Timothy came highly recommended from an associate in the security industry. His vast experience with all types of firearms and his personal knowledge and insight into various situations, really made our corporate training interesting and beneficial. The State of Maryland requires training, both classroom and at the range, for carry permits and Timothy made what would have seemed to be another boring classroom session, both informative and intriguing. The topics taught were practical and potentially life saving. Some of which you need to learn first-hand from Tim, because it's not in print in any of the books we've read. To sum it up, if you are in the security business, either physical or electronic and your staff needs hours for their carry permits, HQL's or just need basic handgun training, then you need to call Tim and get on his schedule. I would highly recommend Defensive Firearms Consultants.

Stuart F.


HS Technology Group

     Tim is an excellent handgun instructor. His Handgun Qualification License course was very comprehensive and extremely informative. The home defense and handgun law portion of the class was simple and practical to understand and a great education. I especially enjoyed his help on the range. I'm relatively new to handgun shooting and his instruction helped me to improve my technique and gave me a great foundation of basic skills to build on. He is very patient and easy to comprehend. I certainly recommend Tim to anyone looking to obtain their HQL or carry permit.

Eric F.

QM Senior Technician- Calibrations at BD

     Tim is an exceptional instructor; as a veteran shooter I benefitted greatly from his instruction and insight into the HQL process. I highly recommend Tim for all your firearms training needs.

Stuart T. ,M.S.

Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Strategic Intelligence and Investigations, (Ret.)  

United States Secret Service

Subject: HQL Course


     I just want to thank you on behalf of my family for taking the time with us last week. We all enjoyed your course.

You made it fun and interesting for all of us. Peaking my daughters' interest was the main goal and that was achieved. It gave us plenty of food for thought.

   We will be in contact with you when we decide where we want to go from here.

   Thanks again for helping make this a memorable gift to them.

Jim B.