Harrington & Richardson 12 Gauge "Topper"

Defensive Firearms Consultants are experts in teaching the safety and skills necessary to wield a shotgun in self defense. For nearly a decade,we've successfully taught these skill sets to, among others, local hospital security professionals.

DFC has also privately coached clients who were either currently or shortly would become candidates in Federal and State law enforcement academies.

For clients experiencing diminished hand strength, single shot shotguns can provide a viable means to defend themselves. These shotguns are easily loaded and unloaded and as such they are easy to  shoot with confidence.

Chambering or "racking" any pump action shotgun produces a unique and instantly recognizable sound. To a lesser extent, closing the action and cocking a single shot or double barrel shotgun can often produce the same optimal results: the would-be thief or assailant decides it is in his best interest to beat a hasty retreat.

Because there are no guarantees regarding criminal behavior or intellect, if you are keeping a shotgun at home for defensive purposes, you'd best know how to use it safely and effectively.

Defensive Firearms Consultants offers training to our clients who wish to keep a shotgun as their primary weapon for home defense.

While nearly any shotgun can fill this role, we believe that single shot, doubles and pump actions are best suited to those with little or no experience in shooting this type of weapon.

Mossberg Maverick 12 Gauge Shotgun

Benelli 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun

Remington 870 Police Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun

"Break-open"  Single Shot Action

Home Defense Shotgun

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