Maryland Handgun Wear/Carry Permit Courses

Baltimore, Towson, Lutherville -Timonium and Cockeysville

Defensive Firearms Consultants are NRA Certified Handgun Instructors and Maryland State Police Licensed Handgun Instructors..

Course Offerings

B-27 Silhouette Target

  Defensive Firearms Consultants, Inc.

Clients enrolled in our four hour HQL Course are prepared for first time handgun ownership per Maryland State Police (MSP) guidelines. Upon course completion, they possess a working knowledge of Maryland firearms laws, firearm home safety, handgun mechanisms and operations. Each client spends at least one hour in live-fire exercises on an indoor pistol range. There, with a licensed and certified handgun instructor, they will be taught how to safely and accurately fire handguns using both their strong and weak hand. Whether for recreational or self defense use, our clients are given a solid foundation in shooting a handgun.

DFC also provides the sixteen hour course required to apply for a Maryland Wear / Carry Permit and the eight hour Permit Renewal Course. While including everything taught in our HQL Course, these courses also examine the responsibilities and restrictions that accompany possession of a Maryland Wear / Carry Permit. Use of a handgun in self defense is explored at length, as is the use of force continuum in civilian application.

Maryland Wear / Carry Permit applicants are required by law to demonstrate proficiency in drawing and shooting their handgun from a concealed holster. They must be able to shoot a qualifying score on a standard, police B-27 silhouette target using a two-hand grip and using a strong hand and weak hand grip. Prior to testing, DFC will teach applicants the shooting and drawing skills needed to fulfill and surpass state requirements. We will provide appropriate loaner holsters and handguns to facilitate successful completion of these courses.  

Beyond what is required by state law, DFC provides knowledgeable recommendations on handgun models and calibers suited to the needs of each client. Of almost equal importance is the selection of the appropriate holster(s) for civilian concealed carry. Our experience in Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence brings a balanced approach to these choices.

Timothy von Eiff,  President