Defensive Firearms Consultants, Inc.

Private Instruction

Individual instruction is available to Defensive Firearms Consultants' clients at any time. A client's busy schedule may leave no other practical option. It can be arranged for a HQL Course, as well as a new or renewal Wear/Carry Permit.

Often, the nature of one's career makes private instruction a prudent choice. DFC has provided Maryland Wear/Carry Permit initial and renewal courses for members of the Judiciary, the State's Attorney or Prosecutor's offices and lawyers who work in both criminal defense and civil litigation. Surgeons and psychiatrists, mortgage bankers and broadcast media owners populate our client base. What they share is a desire for discretion. DFC provides this privacy. 


Recreational shooters too, often prefer individual instruction if they believe one element in their shooting needs some adjustment to better group their shots. A trained eye to diagnose the problem and demonstrate solutions can save a great deal of frustration as well as ammunition.

Private lessons in pistol, shotgun and rifle, subject to the range caliber restrictions, can be scheduled to fit the client's needs.

Active military, sworn law enforcement officers and agents, firefighters and EMT's enjoy reduced rates in appreciation for their selfless and ongoing commitment to our community.